54 thoughts on “MECHANICAL

  1. Oloriel says:

    “Pretty as a snowflake, and cold as a thousand of them” – such a haunting image. This poem touches and speaks in a way many are not aware of or ready to admit amd pbserve the whole canvas to understand the nature of feelings.

  2. Salty Frosting says:

    One step forward and three back… going through the motions… the story of a bleak habitual journey told too well… drive-less living… Any chance that the next step will begin a conscious revolt for independence? We’ve only limited ticks and tocks… Why waste a single moment laboring through stories already told? Give impulse a fighting chance…

    Your words certainly paint a scene of living choices made by others… Seems personal sacrifice at it’s core is sad… and you describe the emotions in such a succinct manner. Always a fan.

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Independence is overrated, I think. It comes with responsibilities, that make one’s heart heavy with sorrow. It’s a heavy burden to take on. Humans are silly like that, always looking back, always wanting to see what they left behind. I’m no exception.

  3. pastdanger says:

    The desire for any form of love is ingrained in our soul so much so that we gladly welcome a counterfeit substitute.
    Better a broken spirit than a broken heart we cry. As a tear rolls down your cheek.

  4. ramblingsfromamum says:

    Sad but absolutely stunning. Sometimes reading poetry you get a feeling, in the pit of your stomach. I got this, but I also got exhilaration, for the way you have written it. Does this make sense? I’m a bit all over the shop at the moment, so it possibly doesn’t. Pretty as a snowflake – your gifts to us ❤ x

  5. redjim99 says:

    Simultaneously, alone together on the first line. I like that, pretty and cold. Sometimes we need to be cold to search for the heat we need. A good piece of work, to be revisited when i have more time.

    Take care of your cravings,


    • Wendell A. Brown says:

      Your words really come alive so beautifully…truly! I had been dealing with some physical issues and a move, but it seems my heart and spirit are breathing again…and i am able to spend more time reading the poems of those whose words are dear to me…you are a wonderful poet my sister…believe that always!

  6. L Ren says:

    Incredible beyond my feeble vocabulary but I felt every word like it owned me … Never failing to amaze with phrases like ‘poisoned with apathy’.

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Scary, yes. But also, very challenging. And yes, it would probably put an end to them. Good thing we have no power like that. Thank you for stopping by, John. Means a lot to me.

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