You say you like me unpredictable
and wet –
like an English summer.
I smile
and watch you
watching me
slipping out
of your favourite shirt.

Your eyes adjust to my body,
soaking in images,
and I know
it’s because your biggest fear
is to forget
names and faces.

That’s why I turn around
hide away.

Little dandelion parachutes
fly around my hair
you breathe in
the scent of my past,
saving those evaporating wishes
as they tickle your mind.

Like your body
tickles my imagination.

You open your mouth
to tell me
that you cherish those days
of my juvenile insecurity,
but my eyes are begging you
to not say anything.

I’m just waiting for your kiss.

– Chatty Owl –

58 thoughts on “POLLINATED

  1. ghostwriter55 says:

    My dear friend Chatty,

    This was a perfectly written piece… I was captivated by your words… Especially the end…

    “You open your mouth
    to tell me
    that you cherish those days
    of my juvenile insecurity,
    but my eyes are begging you
    to not say anything.

    I’m just waiting for your kiss.”

    Brilliant!!! πŸ™‚

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Thank you so much. Im glad you found it entertaining. And if i managed to paint a picture of a reader intruding the private moment between the two, then im so so happy.

  2. J.R.Taylor says:

    You are a beautifully inventive wordsmith, owly. These create a perfect moving picture in my head. Out in the sun. In a field. A long way from anyone but the two people laying together. Playfully happy and soaking in the sensual alluring looks and words spread across each other like tattoos of love. I almost felt like I was looking into something so intimate that I should stop. But out of selfish reasons, I continued short of breath to the last line. and I could feel that longing…that need for the kiss.

  3. ramblingsfromamum says:

    I think most men have the fantasy or adore a woman in a white ‘man’ shirt of course barefoot and bare as they were born underneath, you tantalise with words Ms Owl in a provocative ‘non smutty’ way so that you attract also us female admirer’s, for that I thank you.

  4. billgncs says:

    That morning
    you tasted of cherries,
    sweet and ripe – perfect.
    recently in DC
    where cherry blossoms
    each spring promise hope
    I thought I glimpsed you –
    my heart famished
    dreaming of the feast

  5. PΓ–3TIC says:

    Your words tickle every inch of my mind causing my soul to squirm in absolute delight and my body to shiver with excited anticipation of that kiss!

  6. Cracked Sky says:

    Oh, how the imagination follows a beautiful journey through your lines. As my thoughts are carried away, into wonderment, I envision only one reply. Had that been a shirt of mine, it wouldn’t have been my favorite…not until I saw it draping your perfect frame.

  7. Oloriel says:

    Amazingly captivating, reading it felt like watching a movie, its scenes being desires that sneak into the hearts and imagination of all of us.

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