Hand in hand
with frothy beer.

Bottle-tops missing
as is my top too.

I squirm uncomfortably
on the sand
as you return the favour.

And I drink
barley juice
out of your mouth.

It’s all vitamins anyway.

Bottomless happiness

your mind,
my body,
our longings.

Deceiving words
chalky food
is a substitute we found content in.

Enrich my world
with oily passion.

Dripping down saliva.

And you will see
“she sells seashells”
of your prickly past.

With echoes.
Not of sea,
but of your sins.

Im topless.
Hiding nothing
but my eyes.

You squirm now,
on the sand.

Withering relationships
sinking ships of love.

Forget the seashells,
cherry knots

Hoot hoot no more.

Im taking sandy beaches

– Chatty Owl –

42 thoughts on “IT’S ALL IN TWO

  1. JK says:

    Go ahead, condemn me if you will for my one-dimensional thinking, but I’ll still keep coming back to this poem just to read the line “as is my top too”. Always makes me smile.

  2. J.R.Taylor says:

    Moving forward off of memories sanded down and eroded by time. You are pitch perfect here for what I saw in your words. Woman leaving this memory and that memory behind in search for new.
    Haughty. Commanding. Prideful. Sexual.
    Keep writing, Chatty! Please! Your words are to perfect to lose.

  3. Martian Poet says:

    I will go and see if there is any owl in beach πŸ™‚ and I need squirm on the feathers of the owl πŸ™‚

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Huh! I was wondering, if anybody really pays that much attention over there. Good to know that i have at least one fan down there that is looking forward to hear my foreign voice πŸ˜‰

  4. PΓ–3TIC says:

    Beaches, beer and dripping down saliva? Whats NOT to love about this poem?!?! This has a very surreal and existential quality about it, amazing what an owl is capable of on such little sleep! πŸ˜‰

  5. punktyras says:

    It paints me landscape of Arabia and sea full of empty bottles with papers in it. And they all say β€žLook for important message in another bottleβ€œ.

  6. John W. Howell says:

    I was on the beach this morning and I wish I had this poem and its vision while I was there. Maybe later. maybe never. I really liked the raw sensuousness and the fading passion.

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Id rather like to hear that “never” is not an option, but thats just my positive thinking with a hint of sensual vanity. I wish my words accompanied you to the beach earlier.

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