Dirty taste of wet water.
Don’t remember all the sins I committed,
I still dip my toes and run my fingertips
in a shamefully disguised surprise
how sinister my past is.
You used to pull my hair
as I pulled myself up from my knees –
the electricity was so buzzing
between us,
that our bodies lost connection
and died
by each other’s sin.

– Chatty Owl –

28 thoughts on “REMINISCING

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Every time i see your avatar pop in on my screen, i get so excited and happy. I think you have a brilliant talent and to receive any feedback from you is an honour. Thank you so much, my dear.

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Hi darling. Sorry for a belated response. Thank you do much for thinking about me, it is always an honour to hear that people appreciate what I write. Please know that the feeling is absolutely mutual!
      I have stopped doing awards though, but I’m honestly very flattered of your acknowledgment of my works..

  1. punktyras says:

    There’s no better saint than penitent sinner. If it is not against law then it is not sin though 🙂

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