Hand over my mouth,
like a tale of “speak no evil”.
I should suspend my thoughts
put my lusts on hold,
except… I don’t.

– Chatty Owl –


58 thoughts on “TEMPTATION

  1. Eyagee says:

    To go along with the other post I just replied to about going up to someone who catches your eye, all I’m gonna say is… “How you doin?!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Thanks my dear! I guess with you knowing me the longest, its a compliment to see you are still around supporting what i do! Thanks!

  2. ivonprefontaine says:

    Thank you for stopping, liking, and commenting on several posts. Your poetry and pictures are beautiful. I look forward to following your secretive blog.

    Take care,


  3. Pร–3TIC says:

    Short and sweet, I really like it! Maybe its just the cynic in me but I have to wonder if you would have so many comments already had you not included that photo of yourself (not that I’m complaining)!

    • S.W. May says:

      I recommend pairing it to Whitman’s poem “One hour to madness and Joy.” I did a symposium on the topic a couple of years ago. Hint: “I still have the kiss of Whitman on my lips” Wilde ~ after a brief meeting with the poet.

  4. J.R.Taylor says:

    The poem with the picture work perfectly together. I was reading the comments…and I believe the picture helps intensify the words and the words add more depth to the picture. Making it more then just a “sexy image.” Beautiful Work, Chatty! Beautiful.

    • Chatty Owl says:

      Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ i like different opinions from people. Its fun to see how readers react differently, its inspiring! Thanks for kind words, dear.

    • J.R.Taylor says:

      As always, thank you for being so damn good at creating such beautiful pieces of writing, :).

  5. Bob says:

    Short – and ever so slightly bittersweet!

    With such feelings guilt doth lie and our other sins do then frolick,
    Oh what evils as do arise when our thought becomes shambolic


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